The ABC’s of Fast Food

It’s fun to arrange your menu on a track style menu board with colorful plastic letters and numbers. Letter/Numeral kits are available in three sizes (small - ¾”H, medium - 1”H and large - 1-½”H) and four different colors (black, blue, red and white). Each piece is 3/32” thick and has built-in tabs to easily insert into letterboard channels. The letters are easy to remove and replace whenever you’d like to change up your menu. All three sizes of letters and numbers are compatible with all of Impact’s track style menu boards.

Fun Ideas for Track Style Boards

Using different size and color letters can make your menu board look more dynamic and help your customers easily find what they’re looking for. For example, large 1-½” red letters can be used for headers such as “Burgers” or “Sandwiches” and smaller ¾” black letters would display menu listings like “Double Cheeseburger $4.99” or “Reuben Sandwich $6.50”.