A Frame Signs

Want to highlight the soup of the day? Or maybe you want to promote dollar beer night or a new arrival at your store. Compact, portable and easily recognizable, A frame signs are attention getters that help drive extra sales to your restaurant, bar or business. Quickly highlight the day’s specials, sales and other promotions to the foot traffic outside your business with A frame signage. Easily visible from the road, A frame signs can also attract curious customers in cars who might not otherwise know about your business.

Options for A Frame Signage

IMS A frame signs (also known as sandwich boards) are durable injection molded at our factory in Carson City, Nevada, USA. Our signs are designed to hold graphics that are 22 inches wide and 35 inches high. Options include dry erase and chalkboard A frame signs. Design a custom logo or a custom display for restaurant or retail marketing. Call us at 800-321-8105 for quotes on custom designs.

Dry Erase

Featuring an easy, mess-free dry erase board, choose from three distinctive frame colors, including blue, white and black for your A frame signage. Use with any standard dry erase markers, erasers and cleaners to easily change your message before, during or after business hours.


Let your message truly stand out against a black chalkboard background, then customize your message with different colors of chalk. The more unique, the better! These A frame signs are designed to work with all standard types of chalk. To clean up, just use a blackboard eraser. Shop our chalkboard A frame signs in three frame colors: blue, black and white.

Custom Graphics

Customize your A frame menu sign! Submit your logo and designs from our product page linked below.