Key Features

Classic Indoor menu boards are a time-tested design, with impeccable build-quality. The Non-illuminated Classic series is a fully customizable menu system offering wordstrips, graphics and changeable pricing. No electricity, no problem: the Non-illuminated Classic series is an easy installation.


1-10 Non-Illuminated Panels

Pick the perfect size menu board for your restaurant. It doesn’t matter if your menu is small, medium or large, there’s a Classic menu board that’s just the right fit. Choose from ten different size options (up to 14 feet of menu content) and two mounting styles – ceiling hanging or wall mounted.


Ultra-thin design

The non-illuminated Classic Indoor series has an incredibly slim design. The boards are only 1-3/4 inch deep. These low-profile menu boards look elegant and are extremely lightweight. They’re not big and bulky, and they get the job done.


Powder-coated aluminum frames

The powder-coated finish on the Classic Indoor menu boards is an attractive matte texture. A durable powder-coated protective finish is significantly stronger than conventional paint. Match your menu board frame with your restaurant’s color scheme for consistent branding.


Non-glare acrylic panel covers

Your graphic menu images will be held in place with non-glare acrylic dust covers. The holders snap into place easily. It’s simple to remove and replace your menu content as often as desired. It only takes a minute to swap out an extra panel for daily specials or weekly promotions.


Double Wide Panels

Accommodates extra large graphics by combining the space of two panels into one. A double wide graphic holder uses a 33.875"W x 21.875"H image. If your customers can’t see it, they can’t order it. Big graphics help sell menu items.


Changeable Pricing

The biggest advantage of a custom menu board system is changeable pricing. Your restaurant’s pricing shouldn’t be set in stone due to inadequate signage. With wordstrip panels, price chips are little individual numbers that slide into the plastic holder to display the price of a menu item. For graphics, removable vinyl stickers are available to set and change pricing.

Ordering Your Classic Menu Board is as Easy as...


Determine the appropriate size board to fit the location


Choose your frame color and any graphics or wordstrips


Send us your menu information and specifications

Classic Menu Board Sizes

A variety of size options are available to fit your menu content and available physical space. Classic drive-thru systems are LED illuminated and include pedestal stand. Impact recommends professional installation. Wall mount options are also available.



One Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Two Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Three Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Four Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Five Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Six Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Seven Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Eight Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Nine Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor



Ten Panel Classic (Non-illuminated) Indoor

Frame Color Options

All Classic Indoor boards have a durable powder-coated finish. The colors are lightly textured, yet smooth. Choose between six color options. Starlight Silver and Midnight Black are two subdued options that allow your menu content to be the focus of attention. Robin Red and Tahoe Blue are bold and bright color choices.


Starlight Silver


Midnight Black


Canyon Copper


Fern Green


Robin Red


Tahoe Blue

Custom Graphics

There are two options for adding custom graphics to your new menu board. First, we can work with you to design menu graphics to your preferences (colors, fonts, style). Free layout and design services are included with every purchase of a Classic Indoor menu board. Or, we can print your custom design after receiving your print-ready files (.pdf or high resolution .jpg or .tiff files).

Custom graphics truly allow you to get creative with your menu board. It’s up you to choose how to showcase your menu, from food photography to menu listings.

Wordstrip Panel Options

There are a variety of wordstrip holders to customize your menu board. Each wordstrip panel holds a maximum of 16 wordstrips. However, you can combine wordstrips and graphics on the same panel with a T2 (Half) graphic and 7 lines of wordstrips. Double-tall headers are also available. This option combines the first two lines on the wordstrip holder for added readability, and leaves space for 14 menu listings. You can use any combination of different wordstrip holders to complete your custom Classic menu board. Mix and match wordstrips with graphics for a dynamic menu. All wordstrips, holders, graphics and price chips or vinyl stickers are included with menu board purchase.


Wordstrip Color Options

Wordstrips offer the ultimate versatility in menu boards. You can easily rearrange your menu or remove individual menu items. Adding new items is a great way to keep your menu fresh. These standard wordstrip colors are vibrant and designed for readability. We recommend choosing two different colors: one for headers (ex. Burgers on Sunset Red wordstrips) and one for menu listings (ex. Double Cheeseburger on Raven Black wordstrips). Combining two colors will help your customers easily see the various categories of food you’re offering. Replacement wordstrips can be ordered at any time. Call 1-800-321-8105 or email customer service at to begin an order.

Scarlet Red

Flag Blue


Chestnut Brown

Garden Green

Mandarin Orange

Winter Gray

Peacock Blue

Raven Black

Sunset Red


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