Menu Display Boards Non-Illuminated

Welcome your customers with easy-to-read, attractive signage including menu display boards.
Indoor restaurant signs from Impact Menu Systems include a wide variety of unobtrusive and cost-effective products that do less to highlight the signage and more to advertise your products.

Options for Non-Illuminated Menu Display Boards

From magnetic to brushed metal, gallery, classic and dimensional, Impact has what you need to deliver a professional first impression to your customers. Choose from the non-illuminated menu display boards that fit your brand or company’s personality to a T.

Brushed Metal - FlexVu

Backed with a lightweight Dibond® backboard, Impact’s brushed metal FlexVu menu display boards feature easy installation both on walls or ceilings in a variety of custom shapes, sizes and graphics available. Free stock layouts and designs are included, but Impact will work with you to fully customize your menu as much as you want. Send us your menu to get started.

Classic - Non-Illuminated

With as few as one panel up to 14 panels, these powder-coated aluminum framed classic menu display boards can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, with changeable pricing options for menus that change occasionally. Custom graphics and wordstrip colors are available, along with free layouts and designs for when you want to keep things simple. Menu display boards range in size from 19 ½” W x 25” H for a single panel all the way up to a 10-panel board measuring 179 1/16” W x 25” H.

Dimensional - FlexVu

With lightweight PVC board backing and toppers along with the ability to easily change prices on your menu, our Dimensional menu display boards feature easy installation, either on the wall or ceiling. Choose from more than 100 free background design choices, then customize your menu with custom shapes, sizes and graphics. Board widths range from 19 inches up to 48 inches, with heights varying between 19 and 35 inches.