Illuminated Menu Boards

Add a touch of style without breaking the bank. Impact Menu Systems’ energy-efficient illuminated menu boards feature low power draws, multiple panels, the ability to change pricing and custom graphics to fit your restaurant’s brand. High-tech LED lighting makes these boards easy to read when visibility is essential.

Illuminated Menu Board Options

Choose from brushed metal, classic, dimensional and curved LED boards for that extra bit of flair to draw customers in.

Brushed Metal - LED

Add a touch of style with curved LED menu boards featuring rounded corners and a rotating frame on a curved base. With a lightweight Dibond® backboard, these illuminated menu boards can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Stock graphics are included, and Impact Menu Systems’ graphic design team will work with you to create an unforgettable menu board with custom graphics, sizes and shapes.

Classic - Illuminated

Choose from one to 14 panels on these powder-coated aluminum framed illuminated menu boards, which meet UL approval standards. Wall or ceiling mount options are available, as is the ability to change prices as needed. Custom graphics and wordstrip colors are also available. Send us your menu to get started.

Dimensional - LED

Lightweight PVC board and PVC toppers make for super easy installation, either on the wall or ceiling. With more than 100 background images to choose from, these illuminated menu boards can also be customized with your logo and specialized menu items. Just ask!