Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

If your restaurant offers multiple meals throughout the day, you might find yourself in a common restaurateur’s dilemma. Should you include breakfast menu on one sign, lunch on another and dinner on yet another board, potentially confusing customers about what’s available and when? What about items with changing prices such as fish, meat or the daily special? How do you manage all these ever-shifting items with a single menu solution? One high-tech answer to this age-old problem is solved with digital menu boards for restaurants. With the ability to easily swap menu items out through the day - and with availability - you’ll always be able to put your current items in the spotlight, eliminating the noise that large, complex menus can bring. See how Impact Menu Systems’ digital menu boards can transform your restaurant into a profit center.

About Digital Menu Boards

More than just an eye-catcher, digital menu boards are powerful sales tools. Did you know that just a single digital signage player can power multiple screens? Or that they feature high-quality commercial-grade Liquid Crystal Displays, meaning your products are clearly highlighted regardless of the ambient lighting in the room? With a Content Management System that lets you easily swap out items, change prices and rotate displays as needed, digital signage from Impact Menu Systems is an out-of-the-box solution. And updates to the CMS are seamless, with no impact on your ability to display your menu all day long.

Explore a wide variety of built-in customizable templates to create the perfect combination of mouth-watering images and menu items with clearly visible prices, morning, noon and night. Easily feature lower-selling items front and center to boost sales or promote seasonal specials with their own centerpiece in stunning digital display. Whatever your restaurant specializes in, customers - and sales - will be looking up with digital menu boards from Impact Menu Systems.

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