Drive Thru Menu Board Add Ons

Help direct your customers to the proper entrance and exit for your drive-thru while highlighting special menu items with add-ons and directional signs for drive-thrus from Impact Menu Systems.


Being able to show your full menu to drive-thru customers is great. What’s even better is the ability to highlight certain menu items in their own space. That’s where Impact Menu Systems’ add-ons come in handy. By isolating new items, menu specials, combination meals, specialty drinks and other items you want to draw attention to, menu board add-ons make it easier for customers to make their decision while helping you boost sales on specific items. Horizontal appendages come in one-, three- and four-panel options with custom graphics or stock images and wordstrips, depending on your needs. Free layouts included with each order.


It’s not always self-evident how to get into and out of some drive-thrus. With cars and foot traffic passing in and out of your restaurant’s parking lot, you want to provide clear directions to customers and potential customers while giving them a positive experience that keeps them coming back for more. Show them they way in and out of the drive-thru with directional signage. Alternative messages also available, including “Thank You” and other custom messages.