Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Oh, the pressure of the drive-thru. So many choices and so little time in which to make them. With the right drive-thru menu boards, however, your customers can relax while clearly seeing all their options so they can choose the perfect meal - or meal deal - to drive home with. Impact Menu Systems proudly crafts outdoor menu boards with energy-efficient LED illumination and offers options for extra large, all-graphic panels.

Options for Outdoor Menu Boards

Options abound and can be easily tailored to meet your restaurant or chain’s exacting specifications. Choose from multiple modular panels, larger-than-life graphics, classic and pre-sell boards to drive sales through the roof.

Modern LED

LED illuminated graphics add real pop to your menu’s larger photos, prices and logos. A modular design allows panels to be added and replaced as needed. Adding a new item to the menu? It’s a snap with these drive-thru menu boards. Featuring solid, welded low-profile aluminum construction, our drive-thru menu boards offer 60 percent more illumination than other signs, coupled with a 12-year life expectancy. Our top load graphics systems eliminate the need for the visual distraction of obtrusive hinges.

Communication/speaker systems not included with cost of board.

Speaker receptacles available upon request.

Classic Drive-Thru

Choose from menus with as few as two or as many as ten panels seated in a powder-coated aluminum frame that meets UL illumination system standards. Thermostat-controlled ventilation prevents excess moisture from entering your signs so they last longer. UV resistant, non-glare acrylic panel covers add an extra layer of security to your signs. Signs come with several frame choices - from Midnight Black to Canyon Dust to Mojave Tan - allowing you to dial in the perfect look for your restaurant’s brand. To get started, select your size, colors, then send us your menu today.

Communication/speaker systems not included with cost of board.

Speaker receptacles available upon request.


Reduce wait time by helping your customers make quicker decisions with pre-sell outdoor menu boards. Easily feature combo meals and specials with stand-alone vertical pre-sell boards featuring either graphics or wordstrips, depending on your needs. Choose from stock food and beverage images or add custom graphics for our two-, three-, four- and six-panel pre-sell boards. Send us your menu to get started!

LED Illuminated Add Ons

Impact also offers vertical and horizontal appendages to add new specials or combo meals to tantalize your drive-thru customers. Choose from one-, three- and four-panel options with wordstrips, custom graphics or stock images. Free layouts and design included with each purchase. Directional signs are also available to help direct your customers to the drive-thru’s entrance and exit.